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Power of Being Prepared: Power Companies Announce Wildfire Safety Campaign

Published by Kym Kemp, May 6 2019

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Are Microgrids Powered By On Site Green Energy The Next Big Thing?

Published by Ken Silverstein, May 23 2019, Forbes

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Excess solar power in California? Pay Arizona to take it

Published by Marketplace Contributor,  Jun 9, 2016

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California invested heavily in solar power. Other states are paid to take it

Published by Iva Penn,  June 22, 2017, LA Times

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California is throttling back record levels of solar—and that’s bad news for climate goals

Published by James Temple, May 24, 2018, MIT Technology Review

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What happens when the next big wildfire hits?

Published by Judy Lin, Feb, 11 2019, Calmatters.org 

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