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DR Microgrid designs, builds, aggregates, and commissions advanced Demand Response Enabled Microgrid Solutions, paired with on-site energy generation, for qualified Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers. Advanced Energy Storage with Distributed Energy Generation can enable your facility to backup essential equipment, unlock utility savings, and potentially lead to grid independence. On-site Generation often is cheaper, more reliable, and comes with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional utility supply.

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Become Resilient

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Abnormal is the New Normal

The 2018 fire season has changed everything. It has been confirmed that  

PG&E equipment started the Camp Fire in November, killing at least 86 people, and destroying 14,000 homes. From now on, utilities have a choice. Turn off the grid, or face future potential criminal liability.

In 2019, several utilities were granted permission to blackout power for as much as an eighth of the state’s population at a time, for as long as five days, anytime dangerously high winds arise. Through shutting off power during the Californian fire seasons, utilities reduce future wildfire liability. 

DER Demand Energy Solar Power Outage PSPS PG&E SCE Blackout Utility Microgrid Generator Diesel Gas

How Long Can You Last Without Power?

 “We’re all worried about it for the elderly. We’re worried about it because we could see people’s power shut off not for a day or two but potentially a week.”  - Governor Newsom

Millions of customers have already been affected. Hospitals have rescheduled surgeries. Fire stations and municipal buildings were left in the dark. Schools have closed. Citizens have been left without basic services for days. PG&E has stated that this is the new norm, and to expect similar years for a decade to come. Businesses and residents alike feel the need for reliable power, and must consider the cost of resiliency.

DER Demand Energy Solar Power Outage PSPS PG&E SCE Blackout Utility Microgrid Generator Diesel Gas

Backup Power that Pays For Itself

PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E are prepared to shut off the grid to prevent wildfires. California Public Utilities Code § 399.2 gives utilities the authority to shut off power in emergency situations when necessary to protect public safety, for as long and as often as needed. Customers with solar, without a battery, will still be affected. 

Microgrids protects you from power outages. Through combining reduction, generation, and storage, you can isolate yourself from blackouts. Unlike backup generators, Microgrids integrate into your daily operations and are used not just only when there is an emergency. 

Invest Smarter

Be Powered by Experience

Lockheed Martin Energy

DR Microgrid, LLC is a Trade Ally of Lockheed Martin Energy - Providing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. Each Microgrid includes advanced commissioning, to ensure project satisfaction and optimization. 

Energi Pros

DR Microgrid, LLC is powered by ENERGI PROS™. Since 1993 ENERGI PROS™ has been a leader in the energy savings/energy services industry. They provide a broad range of energy solutions, including: site specific engineering analysis and project design, implementation of energy conservation, power generation, energy storage (thermal and electro-chemical), retrofit, new construction, energy supply, and risk management.

Creating a Better World

DER Demand Energy Solar Power Outage PSPS PG&E SCE Blackout Utility Microgrid Generator Diesel Gas

 Every completed project comes with the DR Microgrid Griffin Seal of Service. We are committed to integrating charitable donation and service with every project we complete. Our team is receptive to learning how we can best help our community. 

The Way We Get Power is About to Change Forever

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